sexuality: shay mitchell cursing in immediately afterlife

Anonymous asked: hey, would you check out my Piper and Alex fanvid? piperandalex-theotp(.)tumblr(.)com/post/94625312723/piper-and-alex-soldier-on hope you like it x [piperandalex-theotp]

Yeah ;D

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deangilbert asked: I think this is the link to that gifset that anon is looking for: orangeskins(.)tumblr(.)com/post/80988478184


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drake is gonna write a song called “the chair” and its gonna drop at number one where he’s just rapping about his experience in that video seeing gods he doesn’t even believe in

Anonymous asked: Do you have a link to Piper's speech on religion? I keep looking for the gifset but I can't find it.

Anyone else who can help out anon :)?

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you can’t step in the same river twice